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Before departure

Check the Covid-19 guide (only in Czech) to determine what rules apply to you before entering a foreign country (e.g. PCR test, quarantine, etc.). Check the current hygiene measures at the airport.

It is no longer compulsory to wear a respirator or face shield at airports in the Czech Republic.

Returning to the Czech Republic for Czech citizens 

From 9.4.2022 it is possible for Czech citizens to enter the Czech Republic as before the pandemic covid-19.

For foreigners

From 9.4.2022 it is possible for foreigners to enter the Czech Republic as before the pandemic covid-19.

Duties of airport operators 

From 19 February 2022, the obligation for operators of public international airports in the Czech Republic to ensure random checks on passengers is abolished.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic recommends that you secure travel insurance before your trip, including medical expenses in the event of COVID-19.

Czech airports as transit airports

Air transit is possible under the same conditions as before the covid-19 pandemic.

Transit airports outside the Czech Republic

If you are traveling abroad and you have to transfer during your flight, look at the Covid-19 guide. The rules for transit should be written here. If this information is not explicitly written on the given page, contact the info line of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs: +420 222 264 222 (available on MON-FRI from 08:00 - 16:00. Additionally, outside of this time frame there will be available basic information regarding traveling to other countries).

Frequent questions about this topic

Is there a need for testing at the transit airports outside the EU (eg Istanbul, Doha, Abu Dhabi, etc.)?