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Arrival Form

Filling in the arrival form is free of charge. If the form asks you to pay, do not pay under any circumstances, it is a scam.

Who fills in

All those who have stayed abroad for more than 12 hours in the last 14 days must fill in the entry form before entering the Czech Republic. The obligation applies to those arriving from European and non-European countries with a low, medium, high, and very high risk of infection. 

Persons under 18 years old do not fill in their own form, but an adult traveling companion will include them on their form.

Children under 12 years of age and international transport workers are exempt from filling in the arrival form. The arrival form does not have to be filled in by anyone who is traveling only by individual land transport for the entire duration of their journey in the Czech Republic. Certain other persons are also exempt from completing the form unless they are traveling from countries with the new coronavirus variant. A list of these can be found in the current measure.

Why it is filled in

Filling in the Arrival Form notifies the relevant regional health station of a person's entry into the Czech Republic. The regional health station is then able to contact you if there is a risk that you may have contracted an infection from someone during your trip, or that you may have contracted an infection from someone else, and can also check that the relevant measures are being complied with.

How to fill in

The arrival form can be found on the website.

Czech citizens are now also required to fill in their birth number, which can be entered without or with a slash. Foreigners leave this field blank.

You can enter the exact telephone number without a prefix, with a prefix (e.g. +420, 00420), with spaces and without spaces (XXX XXX XXX XXX, XXXXXXXXX).

Only fill in addresses by selecting from the drop-down menu that appears when you start typing the beginning of the word. If you just type them in or select an option that your browser (especially Google Chrome) automatically offers you, the form will not be saved. If the drop-down menu doesn't appear or you can't select from it, try a different browser (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer) or clear your browser history.

Start filling in the address at the city box. If a city appears 2 or more times in the same region (f.e. Aš), it is because some cities are in the self-governing territory. In this case, it doesn't matter which city you select (always choose from the drop-down menu!), you just have to pay attention to the counties. Then proceed to fill in the street. If you did not find your street in the drop-down menu, leave the box blank. Finally, again select a description number from the drop-down menu.

Transiting foreigners (who are not staying in the Czech Republic) can use the address of the airport, train station or city hall as their address.

You only fill in travel companions if they are family members under the age of 18.

Finally, you must confirm with CAPTCHA (that you are not a robot) before submitting.

After completing

If you wish to view the completed form again via the web link, you will need to have a check SMS message sent to the number provided, which you will then type into your web browser to view the form.

Confirmation of completion will be sent to the email address on the form. The email will contain a QR code and a link to view the full confirmation including all completed details.

Once the QR code is loaded on your mobile phone, it will display (after sending and completing the verification SMS) an online version of the confirmation for verification. (If you wish to view the completed arrival form from a link or QR code that has been sent to your email address, you will need to complete the one-time code after clicking on the link. The code will be sent to the number you entered when you initially completed the arrival form.)

You will be able to print or view the form on your mobile device and present it on arrival in the Czech Republic.

If the arrival form number is provided on the COVID-19 request form, the test result will also be displayed on the arrival form.

Welcome SMS

Mobile operators are obliged to send an SMS to all telephone numbers that were abroad and have registered to the Czech network of operators, informing them of the obligation to fill in an arrival form on arrival in the Czech Republic. Operators must keep the information about the telephone number and the time of sending the SMS for the duration of the emergency measure and delete it afterwards.

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