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Covid-19 guide (conditions for entering the country/ obligations after returning to the Czech Republic)

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Are you planning to travel abroad and do not know what conditions related to coronavirus measures apply to you and your obligations upon your return to the Czech Republic? Check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the Covid-19 guide.

Here you can look up the country you are planning to travel to and see if you have to take a test before going, or go into compulsory quarantine when you arrive, etc. You will also find information on the obligations that arise from returning from that country. These include the obligation to take a test, fill in an arrival form, etc.

Before travelling to European countries, it is recommended to register in the DROZD system (only in Czech) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will allow you to get help more quickly if you need it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic recommends that you secure travel insurance before your trip, including medical expenses in the event of COVID-19.

If you have any further questions regarding travelling abroad during the pandemic, contact the info line of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs: +420 222 264 222 (available on MON-FRI from 08:00 - 16:00. Additionally, outside of this time frame, there will be basic information regarding travelling to other countries available).

Rules for returning to the Czech Republic

From 9.4.2022, it is possible to enter the Czech Republic as before the pandemic covid-19.

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