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family_restroomFamily or partner abroad

I need to travel to visit my family or partner

If you need to travel to your family or partner in necessary cases, check what rules apply in individual countries on the Traveler's Map.

If this information is not explicitly written on the given page, contact the info line of the Ministry: +420 224 183 200 (available on MON-FRI from 08:00 - 16:00).

Upon return

Check whether or not the country you are traveling to is on the list of so-called "red states". If it is on the list, you are obliged to notify it before entering our territory via the electronic arrival form. Moreover, you are obliged to undergo a PCR test at your own expense within 5 days of entering the Czech Republic. (More information and further steps)

Exceptions can be found in the section "Measures": Return from countries with higher risk of infection.

My family or partner comes to visit from abroad

A number of rules and exceptions apply to this category of foreigners entering the Czech Republic.

In case of doubts or questions, please contact:


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