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Vaccination of immobile patients

Specifics of vaccination of immobile persons who cannot attend the vaccination site for health reasons but are already eligible for vaccination according to their risk group.

Booster and additional dose

Information about revaccination.

Carrying out the vaccination at the vaccination point

Informations about what will await oneself at a vaccination point.


Information about the document proving that you have been (partially) vaccinated, have had COVID-19 in the past, or have been tested.

List of vaccination centers

List of vaccination distribution points that will also carry out vaccinations.

Missing your vaccination appointment

Remember that the time interval between vaccine doses is fixed, therefore you will have to come for the second one as well.

Registration and reservation process

Description of the registration and reservation for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Telephone assistance with vaccination registration for seniors

A list of hotlines to help you with vaccination registration.

Vaccination for foreign nationals (with a public EU insurance)

Rules for vaccination reimbursement by the health insurance company for foreigners.

Vaccination for self-payers without a public insurance

From 11 June onwards, persons without public health insurance (whether Czech citizens or foreigners) can also be vaccinated if they pay for the vaccination.

Vaccination in a nutshell

Essential information at a glance: about voluntariness of the vaccination, where to register in order to book a timeslot, etc.

Vaccination of minors (5 - 11 years and 12 - 15 years)

Je nutná přítomnost zákonného zástupce.

Vaccination of people with limited legal capacity

The same rules apply for vaccination against covid-19, as for any other vaccination.

Vaccination timeline

List of groups that can register and from when, information on how these groups should proceed.

Validation applications čTečka and Tečka

The applications will serve to facilitate travel within the EU, but also life in the Czech Republic during checks in stores, establishments, etc.