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Citizen identity

As of 3 July 2023, there is a change in logging into the Citizen Vaccination Portal. One-time login via SMS will be phased out. Everyone will continue to have 10 one-time logins via SMS, and after the 11th time, it will only be possible to log in via citizen identity. This step is being taken in accordance with the concept of eGovernment in the Czech Republic.

CITIZEN IDENTITY is the name for a set of identification means used for remote identity proofing when using online services and when logging into portals of the state and public administration of the Czech Republic.

Identity verification is always done through one of the identification means. These means are connected to the National Point and are provided by accredited providers.

One of the following means of identification can be selected for registration for vaccination:

Which means of identification should I choose?

You only need to select one of the available means to access the online services. However, it may be that you prefer one even though you already have another one activated, either for specific situations or for other reasons we cannot predict. So please consider all available options

  • If you already use identity verification using one of the available means of identification, you may find it easiest to use the same method for other online services.
  • If you use internet banking from ČS, ČSOB, KB, MONETA or Air Bank, you have the option to verify your identity through it.
  • If you have a data box, you can create an NIA ID or an eGovernment Mobile Key online via the Mojedatovaschranka website (only in Czech).

If you cannot use any of the options above, you will need to arrange a completely new means of identification. You can apply for it online, but you will need to visit CzechPoint in person to activate it and show proof of identity (ID or passport) on the spot.

  • If you have a smartphone, we recommend choosing the eGovernment Mobile Key.
  • If you do not have a smartphone but have another mobile phone, the NIA ID will be more suitable for you.

NIA ID is an identification means that allows for guaranteed proof of identity when logging into online services.  It is a so-called two-factor authentication method. To log in, the user enters access credentials consisting of a username and password chosen during registration. He/she then enters a one-time generated SMS code that arrives on his/her mobile phone.

More information can be found at I want to create a Citizen Identity

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