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I cannot show up to my vaccination appointment

We recommend planning your vaccination dates carefully and making sure you can attend both vaccination appointments scheduled. If your planning fails and you know you will miss any of the appointments scheduled, please do the following:

What to do before booking the first dose of vaccine (i.e. when you only have registered yourself but have no timeslot yet)?

Register for the vaccination, however, after receiving the invitation text message with PIN2 and before making a reservation, count with the date of the second dose. Use PIN2 to log in and see what date is available for your 1st dose and what vaccine is available to you. You will then see the expected date of the 2nd dose (lower right corner).

If the date of the second dose conflicts with your other plans, do not finish the reservation. Let this invitation text message expire. Don't worry, your registration remains valid and as soon as the vaccination center has more dates available, you will receive a new invitation text message (with PIN2) and you will have new 1st dose dates available. You will receive an invitation text message a total of 3 times, each time with different dates offered for the 1st dose. And if it happens that the deadlines do not suit you in any of the 3 cases, the registration will be canceled, but there is nothing that prevents you from registering again. And you will again receive the invitation text message 3 times with the offered 1st date.

What to do after registering the 1st dose when unable to appear at the appointment? 

If you have already reserved the date of the 1st dose but have not yet received the 1st dose, please look up your vaccination point at (in Czech only) - each vaccination point has to enter the contact option there that suits its needs at best, sometimes it is directly by phone, sometimes by e-mail, sometimes using the 1221 hotline - to see if the date could be moved or cancel the date of the 1st dose yourself using the link you received after booking by email. In case of cancellation of the first date, the system will record the cancellation of the entire reservation and you do not have to do anything just wait for a new invitation text message with PIN2 for a new reservation date.

After the 1st dose (knowing I will be unable to appear at the time appointed for the 2nd dose)

If you have already received the 1st dose, then you certainly have a fixed date for the 2nd dose. At the vaccination site, they count with you on this date and distribute and administer vaccines to other people accordingly. If you need to change the date of the second dose of the vaccine, you can use the online reservation system, as well as contact the 1221 hotline or your vaccination point itself. Please check the Vaccination Points Report (in Czech only) in advance to find out which date changing option is supported by your vaccination point or if there are any at all. Not every vaccination point supports that, some vaccination points in turn have a preferred date changing option. Additionally, you will find the preferred way to communicate with your vaccination point there.

We urge you not to cancel your registrations and bookings for short-term vaccination appointments (48 hours in advance) as doing so disrupts the distribution of vaccines and these might then - unused - get disposed of.