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List of vaccination centers

An overview of vaccination sites

You can find a list of all vaccination sites and their occupancy according to regions in the Occupancy Report ( You will find vaccination sites with the necessary registration and without the need for prior registration, so-called walk-in vaccination sites. Please note that GPs who vaccinate in their own practices are not listed in the report.

There are 4 filters available in the report:

  • type of dose: choose whether you are interested in the first vaccination or a booster dose,
  • vaccine: if you have a preferred vaccine, choose it,
  • type of vaccination site: not every OČM (vaccination site) offers vaccination to every group, so you can choose in the filter whether you are looking for a place where self-payers can get vaccinated, a child 5-15 years, 16-17 years or 18+, or  you are looking for a place where no previous registration/reservation is necessary, for children 5-11 years always choose the COMIRNATY/Pfizer vaccine (5-11 years) at the same time
  • region: choose where within the Czech Republic the vaccination site that will suit you best is located.

After using the filters, you will be offered places that meet your requirements.

Vaccination site with previous central registration

If you want to make sure that you will get your vaccination appointment and to avoid waiting on the spot, you can register yourself. For more information on how and where to register yourself please see the Registration and reservation process Life Situation page.

You can as well register yourself directly via

A list of vaccination sites with previous central registration can be found as a filter option at

Vaccination site without previous central registration

If you do not want to undergo through the registration process, you can look up in the Overview of Vaccination Places ( whether there are any vaccination sites without previous registration and appointment booking in your neighborhood. Please use the filter option "Without registration and reservation".

General practitioners

If you want to be vaccinated at your GP's there is no need to register yourself. Just ask your GP if he/she's vaccinating against COVID-19. If it is the case, he/she will arrange your vaccination appointment according to his/her operational possibilities.


Pediatritians are involved in the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, it is necessary to agree individually with a specific pediatrician whether he is already vaccinating or getting ready. If so, make an appointment with him. Pediatricians are not registered through the Central Reservation System and you will not find them in the Occupancy Report, see above.