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Registration and reservation process

If you have decided to get yourself vaccinated against the Covid-19 disease, you will be asked to follow these instructions and complete several phases of the whole process. However, there is no need to worry. It is not difficult.

Detailed guidelines for the Central Reservation System comprising a detailed description of each phase can be found here (Czech only).

If you want to be vaccinated at a GP or vaccination center without registering, this procedure, i.e., via the Central Booking System, is not used.

Phase 1: Registration

By registration, you express genuine interest in getting yourself vaccinated. Please visit REGISTRACE.MZCR.CZ. On the first page, you can see cohorts eligible for a vaccination. Scroll down, insert your phone number, and confirm consent to personal data processing. You will receive a PIN after the confirmation, then please insert your PIN, fulfill everything necessary, and select the vaccination point. If you make a typo during the registration, you can correct the mistake here:, where you can manage your registration. Once you have saved your registration, you do not have an assigned vaccination date; you must proceed further. 

To make filling in the form more convenient, we recommend that you prepare the following information in advance:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Insurance number (usually the birth number without the slash)
  • Insurance company number
  • Place of permanent residence
  • E-mail (optional)
  • Telephone number
  • Preferred vaccination site:

During the registration process, the following checks are carried out on the vaccination candidate:

  • Identification (based on the data entered, the system verifies you in the population register)
  • whether vaccination has already started (registration is blocked if there is already a record of ongoing vaccination),
  • whether there is an earlier registration (an older registration is blocked, if there is a newer registration, it is now valid).

If it shows "not matched", the registration is unsuccessful, and the vaccine seeker is prompted by email to correct the information entered in the registration management. The same applies to reservations.

Phase 2: Waiting for an SMS reminder

Once you have registered, receiving an invitation SMS can take minutes or even days. This is because each vaccination site manages its capacity and only invites registrants with certainty when it has a vaccine for them.

Phase 3: Reservation

Once you receive the SMS, you have 42 hours to make the reservation (during these hours, you will receive several reminder SMS). The PIN2 needed for this is in the invitation SMS, and the reservation can be made with it on REZERVACE.MZCR.CZ (without it, the reservation is not possible). At this link, you enter your insurance number and PIN2, and then you can choose the dates for the vaccination doses. If more than one type of vaccine is available at the vaccination site, you will be offered a calendar to select dates for all available vaccines (vaccination sites are not obliged to allow this). However, you can only select one calendar, i.e., the 1st and 2nd doses will be the same vaccine.

Do not forget to confirm booking the selected dates in the system! The registration is not forfeited if you do not book your appointment within 42 hours. However, the date offered at that time will be as soon as the vaccination site lists the new dates,you will receive the invitation SMS again with the new PIN2. This is repeated a total of three times. However, if you do not make a booking even on the third time, the registration is forfeited. 

Phase 4: Vaccination

A detailed description of the process at the vaccination point can be found here.

Please see the Missing vaccination appointment to find out how to change any of the dates (if you can't make it).

Phase 5: Proving vaccination

On the vaccination portal you can download the vaccination certificate, it is usually available the same day after the vaccination. Certificates are generated individually after the first, second and booster doses. According to the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU 2021/953), the certificate is valid up to 14 days after the vaccination (i.e. after the first dose for Janssen vaccine or after the second dose for two-dose vaccines), the certificate after booster doses is valid immediately.

More about certificates

If you cannot log in or the certificate is unavailable on the portal, please contact the 1221 support line.

Phase 6: Re-vaccination 

As the effect of vaccination gradually decreases with time, regular re-vaccination is recommended, especially before the increased incidence of respiratory diseases in autumn.

Re-vaccination with a booster dose is possible 4 months after the previous dose. In the case of JCOVDEN (formerly Janssen) vaccination, as early as two months after the baseline vaccination. Two booster doses can be administered at this time.

More about booster doses 

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Covid hotline 1221 – daily from 8 AM to 7 PM. Call center agents to help you with registration and reservation, e.g., in case of troubles with the internet connection. Also, with technical problems, e.g. when your certificate is not displayed.