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Vaccination for foreign nationals (with a public EU insurance)

Foreign nationals are entitled to vaccination provided by the health insurance company in the following cases:

  • You are insured by the public health insurance system in the Czech Republic (by the employer or based on European coordination regulations). For registration, use your insurance number. (i.e. your National identification number)
  • If they are insured in another EU country and are entitled to complete care in the Czech Republic (they hold an S1 entitlement document). They can register for vaccinations using their insurance number (i.e. their assigned birth number), which is given to them after they have been registered.
  • If they are insured in another EU country and are in the Czech Republic, according to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), they are entitled to the necessary care, and they register with the Czech health insurance company on an assisted basis. Registration is done using foreigners' insurance numbers from Czech health insurance companies. The person must register with one of seven Czech health insurance companies. 

You can register here: registration for vaccination - Entering your phone number (, registration guide (Registration and booking procedure - Covid Portal (
Foreign language health questionnaires to be submitted to the doctor before vaccination