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Vaccination in a nutshell

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.


  • FREE (more precisely: paid by your health insurance carrier) - except for self-payers
  • only EMA-approved vaccines are used (more information about vaccines used)
  • currently, the amount of vaccines in our population is, unfortunately, not sufficient yet, thus, it is necessary to prioritize the doses (i.e., vulnerable population groups as elderly and those suffering under a chronic disease as well as essential infrastructure workers (medical workers, social workers, school staff, etc.) get vaccinated first)



How to register to the booking system, how to book a timeslot and what exactly all the things mean?

In order to ensure a smooth distribution of the (still short-supply) vaccines, it is indispensable to know, who and where is interested in getting vaccinated. Therefore, a registration is necessary. The subsequent distribution of the vaccine doses is based on the data got from these registrations. When the doses are ready to get administered, the person interested in getting vaccinated will receive a SMS message asking him/her to book a timeslot.

CRS.UZIS.CZ (website in Czech only) - here you can register yourself as well as book a timeslot | INSTRUCTIONS & details | HELP LINES where you can get help when stuck in the registration/booking process | MANAGE your booking (website in Czech only) | VACCINATION POINT OCCUPATION REPORT (website in Czech only) | How to change your vaccination timeslot date | THE TIMELINE illustrates who (and when) already is (or will be) eligible to get vaccinated


Information on the booster/additional vaccine dose

  • What will happen at the vaccination point and after the vaccination?


  • Where can I find information regarding the vaccination (such as how much people already got their doses, during which period, which vaccine had been administered, etc.)?

These data are published by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS) at its website (in Czech only). A daily overview (in Czech only) can additionally be found in the Nejnovější obsah ("Recent Content") section of the Ministry of Health website.

  • How can I prove having been vaccinated or, in turn, verify this in case of someone else?

Each semi-vaccinated citizen can get his/her vaccination certificate via (in Czech only). It can serve as a proof of vaccination in paper form, for smartphones there are additionaly validation apps available.

Tečka - here you download your (or your family members') vaccination certificate, in this case a QR code will serve as a proof of vaccination. Actually, it is an alternative to the certificate on paper.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

čTečka - using this app, you can scan the QR code of a certificate (on paper or digital one) and find out whether the certificate holder possesses a valid certificate of vaccination, testing or having survived a COVID-19 infection. It can be, for instance, useful for service store owners - it replaces checking the certificate by eye and, contrary to the "eye-check", detects the QR code signature, preventing certificate fraud.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

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