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Will the vaccine be effective even after the virus mutation?

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Coronavirus mutates much more slowly than, for instance, the flu virus. However, it is true that certain mutations appear that could be more resilient against already approved vaccines, which is a serious issue.

If there is a "black scenario" for the spreading virus that is more resilient against current vaccines, more intense observation of the appearance of such virus will be necessary. The aim will be to try to eliminate them as much as possible from the population.

Similarly, as in the case of flu, the vaccines would have to need to adapt to circulating strains of the virus. New kinds of vaccines (vectors and mRNA), however, allow quick reactions to changing circumstances.  

At the same time, there will be necessary to develop therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and antivirals effective against them, but also new effective vaccines. With a bit of luck, even these serious complications could be managed quickly. 

Original author of the text: prof. RNDr. Vaclav Horejsi, CSc.

Summary in 15 seconds can be found on this Youtube channel.